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Brick by Brick

ImageWe build things brick by brick, but we also tear them down the same way.  Usually the demolition takes a lot less time than the rebuild.  It is easier to break something than it is to make it right again.  We have been torn down; our mind, body and spirit…well not my body, but just the same.  Cancer entered our world and shoke us off our foundation.  But we triumphed.  He beat the shit out of it and we were rebuilding.  The remodel was set to be amazing.  And brick by brick we were starting to live again.

But just like a wrecking ball smashing a building, our life is crashing in again,  The cancer is back.  BOOM!

Everything stops and we refocus our energy.  

2 thoughts on “Brick by Brick

  1. Wow. I’m wishing the best for your family. He will beat it again. I’m glad you are writing, It will help to keep you healthy.

  2. Denise – I think of you and all of your boys everyday and I spend many minutes surrounding you with sparkling white light. Don’t give up, this universe is teaching you something – something brutally cruel, but hopefully very purposeful.
    Wishing you light, love, and strength.

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